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Next complaint, stun

another move that’s absolutely garbage, you could go ten fights without stunning an opponent, but oh look, they stun you first time…and for two moves!! this game actually makes pokemon go look world class. im done.

I think all stunning moves should be 100%


Yep. But don’t forget about evasion too. Love when you constantly get hit whilst using it but can’t hit your opponent when they do it and they destroy your team.

Definitely not. Stun is the one ability I absolutely hate in the game. Get distracted or bleed and you can still carry on. Stunned and you lose your whole turn and end up behind. At best, Stun should be 50% in my mind.


I disagree completely. If you are hit with Debilitating Distraction, you do .25% damage for 2 turns. So over a two turn period, you do 25% of total damage.
Distracting Rampage, you get 50% damage for two turns. If Yoshi goes instant, you get no damage. So you end up with 25% damage over those two turns.
Cloak is 75% chance to avoid 66% of damage, so you can average that out that you do 49.75% of damage over two-turns (average) but the opponent is set-up to do 2X damage.
Cautious Strike is the same 49.75%, but your opponent is sped-up.
Stun, on the other hand, loses one turn at a 75% so you can calculate that at 66% damage over two turns. Yet stun is the ability that needs to be nerfed? I’m sorry, I can’t get behind that.


Sorry :rofl::rofl:, I think it sholud be a 100 only in strikes, 75% on impacts and 66% on rampages , but cleansing move should remove it, it needs a buff because all of them( except for 1) has delay and a Lot of them should have 3 coldown count, exept in some cases

The only nerf on stuns that i wolud like it’s that cleansing moves can remove it

Some creatures can get 0 damge with distracting moves, so…

No way, stunning creatures are more useless than they should be right now. I wouldn’t advocate for 100%, but 75% is the minimum for It to be reliable enough to be relevant.


Evasive doesn’t work very often for me with indoraptor but my indoraptor and irex always bypass. Some creatures are bypassers such as allosino, indom, erlidom, deinocherius, thor.

Maybe not necessarily all stunning moves, but at the very least swap in stun should always land.
It’s so annoying when you swap in hoping to stun, but fail and then get one shot.


Additionally, stun also usually has a much longer cooldown than distract/dodge moves, as well as delays most of the time. Very few dinos have double stun (like paramoloch) but many have 2 distracting moves or dodging moves (although dodge doesn’t stack at least)

Stun doesn’t necessarily need a nerf or buff, but it needs to be more consistent. And if making it 100% is what’ll do that, then I’m on board


Don’t forget when it says you are stun for 2 turns and holds you back yntil the last second

If even that

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My smilonemys was swapped into battle 15 times the last 5 days. It stunned once… :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Stun will appear that it never works for you as you will remember the times you haven’t stunned more than the times you have. That is because we expect the stun to land, which it often does, just that lots of people look at the glass half empty and remember the times that the stuns don’t land.


Stun is the only move in the game that cannot be be countered by another move. For that you need Immunity, only thing that can stop being stunned. So 100% Stun is not a good idea.

I agree with @Colin_Goodman. Distraction can be countered with Cleanse or Superiority Strike, Stun cannot.

Imo, I think it’s because of these Stun we have an Immune Meta.
Usually you can only be stunned if use a move before a stunning move or Swap in to Stunning move.


Absolutely. I do not understand the idea that Stun is useless. I imagine, having never got to the far end of the Arena, that the far end is full of immune creatures, But the majority of the Arena isn’t like that. I don’t encounter all that many immunes. But I do get hit by frequent stun based teams. Paramoloch is OP due to two stun attempts in a row. I say the say thing with Proceratomimus and it’s double distraction, which is where you get 0 damage from.

100% stun is just a terrible idea, even on swap-in stun. In fact, stun is the one ability I would not have included in the game.

I counted so no it really only stunned once out of the 15 times I swapped it in :joy::see_no_evil:

Stun isn’t useless? Then why the only viable stunner right now is Monosteg?

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