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Next CoT vote everyone needs to vote Sengosuchs!

I know we have a few long time players who need the Sengosuchs unlock.

We all need to vote this one! :slight_smile:

This vote didn’t pop up like normal. It was in my news feed in the game.


What are the options?

Please vote Segnosaurus,I will be eligible to participate next month surely because I am 55,and was level 50 four days back,so i will surely reach level 60 really soon,and i am confident of that,only thing is i hope Segnosaurus is the one for next month.

Okay… I’ll do that :grinning:

I voted Segnosaurus


What are the options?


I heard Pachyrhinosaurus, Kentrosaurus and Segnosaurus.

I’ll get there by then (level 56 rn) (but that is, if my internet issue is fixed), within 10 days or so, idk. I hope the next CoT would be for a carnivore, Troodon or Megalosaurus if I were to choose (Ik this is weird thinking, but I’m part hoping they give a CoT for Lythronax)

I don’t expect you’ll have to wait long for a carnivore, Trodon is one that has been in the CoT multiple times in the year I’ve been playing, in addition to being in tournaments as well. As has the Pachy.

The reason players are encouraging a vote for the Segno is because it has not been in either a tournament or a CoT for over a year. And the last tournament that it was in was an aquatic so some of us missed that chance at it. You have to go back almost another year for the last known chance to get it, so it seems to be a particularly rare creature to show up in the game. The hybrid that it unlocks is the best attack for a herbivore in the game so a very useful creature to have (am really wishing I had it for the herbivore-only mod event today!!)


Metriacanthosaurus hasn’t been in there for ages.


Yeah, we’re due for that one too for the newer players, but it hasn’t been quite as long as for the Segno (at least 2 chances to get it in the last year)… and I was lucky to be around to unlock Metriaphodon via a tournament. So it’s currently one of the only tournaments that I have a level 40 of, as I seemed to get it frequently in the lottery.

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I am level 56 right now,hoping to level up to level 60 really shortly.

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How do u lvl up. So quickly??

Hey everyone i wanted to know that if i lvl up. To 60 will i hav to compkete 28 more events to unlock cot or will be unlocked automatically for the first time???

You have to complete them, same as the rest of us.

Almost every morning,when I wake up,I get a trade ,that is food for coins,mostly in the range of 9 million food for 30 million coins or so,so I use that in order to purchase loads of John Hammond Statues,Apatosaurus fossils,which in turn give me loads of XP,for I just got to level 56 today morning. Do not bother with regard to missions at all,they are not worth doing after level 50. But before that those and the expansions are the prime method.

Are you actually happy with the March Tournament being Megarchelon instead of Segnosuchus,which was certainly one of the options.

From when are you playing?

Well, I certainly would have rather had the Segnosuchus and that was for sure disappointing and frustrating to miss out on. But it’s hard to be unhappy at getting to unlock any tournament hybrid and I was happy to get the Megarchelon without having to use up my lvl 30 Archelons and lvl 40 Megalodon.

Anybody know when we last had an amphibian in CoT or a tournament? The only tournament amphi I have is the battle unlock, (Acanthostega?) And it isn’t even very useful.