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Next creature families prediction

What do you think the next Creature family will look like, and what ability will the have?
For a start: my prediction for Tyrannosauridea family

Allosaurus (I know it isn’t scientific accurate)
Allosaurus gen2
Tyrannosaurus gen2
( Tenotorex)
I put Tenotorex is exclamation because of the hadrosaur model, currently the member of a family have all the same model, so i don’t know if Tenotorex will be part.

-perform defense shattering moves

  • increases Team critical chance by 30%

What do you think of this? And who will the other families look like

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I think this is probably pretty likely. I hope Tenontorex gets a hadrosaur ability. My prediction for that will be healing abilities like 20% max hp or something

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Yeah a good idea
I originally thought of the sauropod family having the ability to boost the health of the entire team, but that could be a hadrosaurid family ability too

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Yeah since stuff like edmontoguanodon pramoloch and bajatonodon have regernwte and run

For me large theropods should be divided into
Largest, heaviest ones including:

  • Tarbosaurus
  • Rex G2
  • Rex
    And smaller, lighter ones including:
  • Allosaurus
  • Allosaurus G2
  • Gorgosaurus (I know he’s a tyrannosaurid, but he wasn’t as heavy as Rex, Tarbo or Daspleto. He was built for running fast, just like Allosaurus)

what’s your guess on where the indoraptor will fit into

Well I guess raptors, with all the other dromeosaurids

Or maybe they get their own family :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Indo hybrids.

Cloaks whole team for 1 turn.

That’d be so cool and pretty OP

I think that will be the last as it’s the most exciting


  • Deinocheirus
  • Erlikosaurus gen 2
  • Erlikosaurus
  • Erlikogamma
  • Dilorachirus
  • Erlikospyx
  • Erlidominus

Ability: Speed team up by 10% for 3 turns

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  • Einiosaurus
  • Triceratops gen 2
  • Triceratops
  • Einiosuchus
  • Nasutoceratops
  • Sinoceratops
  • Stegoceratops
  • Monostegotops

Stuns opponent team for 1 turn

“H-E-Double Hokey sticks” Hogs

  • Archeotherium
  • Entelodon
  • Keratoporkus
  • Entelomoth

Abilities: Increase team speed by 10% for 2 turns, Increase team damage by 50% for 2 turns. increase opponent damage for 1 turn

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Omg bad word >:(. Banned

10 characters

how about
-Indoraptor G2
-Indominus Rex
-Indominus Rex G2

Cloak whole team for one turn increase attack times 2

My apologies (i will change it immediately)

AnD tHaTs WhAt I cAlL BaLaNcE

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I was kidding oop