Next dino?

Hi, I just was wondering for some ideas on what unique hybrid to work on next. I have almost every legendary if that is important. I am currently working on mammaloania and indotaurus. Also I would like to know what to replace on my team for your suggested dino.

Here is a pic of my team

seeing that you have testa, try to work on tryko or phoro-something. you know the thing

Oh yeah, arden can be deafeated by an epic so get it out of there

and you can grab a spino constrictor

I as well would recommend Phoro

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Phosaurex, dracorex gen 2 fused with phosaura. A hybrid dinosaur that has miurasia and phasorocas in it

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It’s actually Phorurex, not Phosaurex.

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Oh ok thanks for that

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Erlidom is a hit or miss, i’d recommend switching it with either spyx as a better cunning replacement. If you don’t want to use spyx then skoona or tenrex(boosted correctly). I’d say bench out magna but honestly i find them to be a pain to deal with so if you do plan on building magna make sure you give it enough hp to not be one shot by anything

Honestly I’m not ready to replace earl. Also magna is is not on my team anymore.