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Next event after toothless


Hi ludia, what is next event after this? When clan, arena, and books of dragon will come?


Hello @YenLung,

We’re working on clans for the upcoming update and the next event will be announced later this week as well. Stay tuned!

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So is the update with clans coming this week?
I am both excited and disappointed if true. Disappointed only because I’ll be on vacation and unlikely to get in a top clan right away lol


Thanks for your information @Marcus. Hope clan and will release soon. Also please fix notification bugs in quest section. It is annoying seeing that notification.


@Talisax, I am making a clan with @Kiri already, I am planning on making it the top clan, would you like to join?

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Sure. Like I said I might not be available at launch
To do much if it is this weekend or next, but I’ll have enough time to join


@Toothless1, i would love to be in your clan if that is a viable option


@2fwess Humans and dragons alike are welcome! I do hope that anyone who wants to join is active on the game however. (At least once a day.)

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I’m on like 3-6 times a day (Usually unless I’ve slept in on the Weekends)

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Of course, I’m absolutely sure anyone is allowed to join!! @Toothless1 Just like what he said <—


I’m scare that the max player of a clan prevent us from joining in :))


I wonder if it will be like, 10 or 20 members max? Probably more but I’m not entirely sure, we’ll just have to see when it comes out.


Don’t worry about the max number of people in a clan guys! I’m sure we will be fine!

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