Next Level Farming Sanctuaries: Maximize DNA during Care Bundle Sales

ARK (Alliance Resource Korner/Kommunity) has reached the next level of sanctuary coop/farming strategy that could not have been done without having a strategic community of 80+ active teams. Frankly, we continue to grow because of teams seeking to improve their alliance in missions/tournaments/coops/raids. Let me take a moment to enlighten you why ARK teams are growing and how we tackle these sales now.

  1. More than half the of the teams in ARK have access to THREE Level 20 Sanctuaries.
  2. Tournament wise, we represent a huge portion of the leaderboard, eg. 25% of the Top100 on the average. This means we have ACTIVE casual/hardcore teams.
  3. Tools are provided to help every aspect of sanctuary management from locating rogues, preparing builds, maintaining builds, tournament tracking, and even a community gathered ban list from the teams of ARK.
  4. No drama, no poaching within the teams of ARK. There are plenty of opportunities to transfer/re-home players based on their preference of gameplay as the teams in ARK are diverse and range from casual, casual-strategic, strategic, strategic-hardcore, and hardcore! People come and go all the time so there is always a home for them if they want active teams that are vouched for by ARK.
  5. NOW, we have a strategy to negate these unpredictable sales of Care Scent Bundles of 100 Sanctuary tools. For the first run we will have more than 8+ sanctuaries available to use for all teams of ARK. 100 sanctuary tools will not last past the day and more importantly no one is building a sanctuary as ARK stands by no waste strategies!
Sample of how ARK is configured and managed Image Missing Part of strategy is ensuring there is a balance of hardcore-casual teams so everyone benefits the same goals. Team names are hidden but those that want to be identified have clearly indicated they are part of ARK in their team description. So check out some of the Top100 teams in the tournament.
Sample of how ARK can locate rogues or confirm correct team placement Image Missing Simply use the tool to search the player name and you have their team/ARK location
Sample of how ARK helps you prepare your builds Using the votes you apply where the bulk of sitting sanctuary SP is awaiting on. Use the votes and the dinofarm that is available and you can optimize your build to faster leveling. It's simple and effective and requires you to not waste any tools on any dinos. Vote, interact with your votes, watch the sanc hit 20 intended without waste.
Sample of ARK's tournament tracking tool Keeping track of the tournament can't be easier than copying/pasting what you see from the trophies in arena/tournament. The information provided allows you to see which players are doing bare minimum or less with colors! You can see what the team needs to average or pick up to reach the desired tournament level reward. This also helps confirm if the leaderboard is showing inaccurate totals because of bugs.
Sample of ARK's ban list It's very hard to build a strategic community when we have players that seek to disrupt strategic planning or simply want to cause havoc. The combined efforts of the ARK community of 80+ teams can help each other avoid problematic players when it comes to sniping sanc spots with their rogue dinos or simply not friendly players at all.
Sample of ARK1's sanctuary layout Image Missing This is how awesome planning with the help of tools which show you where you need to place dinos per votes while applying efficient transitions so you can have it all organized. ARK1 has been at it for some time now so it tends to be a bit more OCD than the other ARKs but they are catching up, especially ARK EVA! So kudos there!
Sample of ARK's Strategy for the Elite Care Bundle Sales (100 Sanc Tools) Did someone say we can use all these sancs? YES, the teams of ARK has access to the other ARK team sancs so using your 100 tools on your dinos of preference whether it be meta or not can now be used without waste or building a sanctuary. A simple tweak can offer 12-36 of the meta dinos while the teams of ARK are not greatly affected with their layout so that in a matter of hours you can farm all the dino as your heart's content. That's 1900 GUARANTEED EPIC DNA. If only Ludia would inform the teams of ARK sooner then we can have more than enough sanctuaries but even with last minute we manage to devise a short plan to have 8 Level 20 sanctuaries ready. Imagine the sales the teams of ARK can encourage if we told them we have 12+ Level 20 Sanctuaries ready to use with 2-3 of the meta dinos per update!

There you have it folks, this is the true potential of ARK. We are building a community designed to maximize strategy for JWA while ensuring a friendly environment where teams can work together to build a stronger community where everyone gains more than what they bargain for at the end of the day. ARK is second to none when in comes to strategy! We are always one step ahead. The question is do you want to become part of something more?

Ready to get your Nerd on? Then head on over to the ARK SERVER.


I have been running co ops and creating them since first week. Was part of many of them out there. I will say for the first run, only 3 hours and 44 minutes in at the time of this writing I have use 16 fip on a rhino and already gained 238 dna. No waist. So in under 30 hours will gain 1900 target dna and only loose the free incubator items. Which will be a total 10 interacts. And alliance loves it cause there is such a great variety. Not just 2 or 3 dinos to use. Amazing and revolutionary strategy. Great work ARK partners.

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I’m a mostly free to play player, but thanks to ARK, currently in the 5500+ (even got a quick glimpse of 6000+ last month). All I can say is thank you for ARK for making it so easy for us by having multiple strategies, raid recipes, new friends, awesome access (for my alliance) to 3 level 20 sanctuaries, a very nice and convivial place to be (after all, with so much going, alliances/member do make a small mistake every now and then, and they won’t get their head ripped off). The big question will now be though: Do I try to stay mostly FTP, or do I help Ludia get richer… That new “maximize DNA during care bundle sales” strategy is really really sweet. No matter what I decide, thank you ARK/DinoL3o (and the rest of the crew). Well, I’m cheap, but I decided to go for it… This is crazy wild. Soooo many dinos to use your FITs on. Extremely well organized by the bosses (and helpers). Thank you!


I totally forgot about the raid strategies, good catch! So many things we do there even the ones we do while zzz gets missed sometimes

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My alliance Timmy What Is It joined ARK back in January of this year and we have learned and grown so much. Ashy to classy baby :sunglasses: come check us out!

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United Nations joined ARK at the beginning of the year, and it was great for our growth! Now consistently a 10/10 team ranked between 30-70 in the tournament every week! (We do have a few spots if you are looking for a team and are up to 10/10 standards!)

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As a F2P player, i sometimes don’t realise how much ARK has benefitted me, until I see someone who is as active and plays the same amount as I am, but is outside ARK.

The view from the Farm is amazing.
More than 250 dinos to choose from!

Well farming was a success and many got a taste of this ARK FARM project that is only in its infant stages. 100 tools is a lot to go through but with a FARM like this, we will be asking for more than 1 Elite Care Scent Bundle in the future. 1900 EPIC DNA, no building, no waste, max gain!

Enjoy what the $$$ of ARK had access and still can for those last minute buyers of those 100 tools.

Tools always help show you what you’re missing out on so ARK is now ready to tackle the next sale with this helper: