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Next Light Fury Event


I just saw a message in my in-game mailbox that says to ‘keep watch for her return’ that expires on Friday. Does this mean that the Light Fury event will run again on Friday this week, or is that not the case?


Hey @Skrill,

The in-game mail expires Friday. The Light Fury is not back this week because we have a different event planned for you guys. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to let the Community know when she’ll be available again. Hope this helps!


Ok, thanks for letting us know.


Marcus, the next event, could you give us a hint of who it might be? (Toothless PLEASE) And can you confirm if we are going to have a lowered trust point cap? @Marcus

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Do you mean this week we will have next event? That’s sounds good.


I can say that you guys will surely be very excited to find out who the next event is for! Please stay tuned, as I am at this moment unable to disclose more information. We will be announcing this on our social media and in-game very soon!


I’m certainly excited to see what changes (if any) have been made to the events gameplay. (My personal guess is one of Toothless, Hookfang and Windshear)


Im definitely hyped up to see what happens next, I broke my phone a while ago so just spying on whats happening in the game so far through my laptop, definitely jealous that I missed a Lightfury so definitely bring her back


@Ren can you say when the event is going to start? I wouldn’t want to start breeding my strongest dragons to then have it pop up.


Nevermind, just saw this!
I am so hyped for toothless!


I truly hope our plan has made you excited :wink:


It has indeed :grin:


Got the in-game for the toothless event! Can we also please request more info on what this event is like so we’re not so ticked off again? Like so we know what to expect? I’m hoarding resources waiting for the event, but if it’s similar to the Light Fury event where it’s a long-term type deal, It May save a lot of grievances if we know up front.


So what I can tell you at the moment is that the event will be similar to the one for Light Fury, just a bit easier this time around! :wink:


Awesome. Then I am looking forward to it. The only clue we have is to “power up our dragons” for the event. I’ll be doing my grinding then and save my runes for now! Thanks for your reply.


Thats awesome! I have quite a lot of runes stashed so hopefully ill make a good dent in this event.


Teaser ( It a bug anyway )


@Skrill how did you get so many runes? Buying or no?


Oh my god, HOW DID YOU GET 8.4k RUNES!!? :scream:

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@Toothless1 @Kiri. 50-50.
Bought about 5k, the rest are tapjoy.