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Next maintenance needs to be about alliances

I seriously think the next maintenance which should be as soon as possible needs to on alliances
I have seen extremely numerous posts on here from Alliance Leaders begging for tools to help them
I have seen post from members saying been dropped from Alliance by mistake or due to leaders not being able to see if they contributing to Alliance Mission
The Alliance Missions have had the same rewards since they started, enough now change them as people vastly losing interest, I am and reasonable high level and VIP player ( yes I stuck by you when many cancelled, was it a mistake on my behalf ??? )

Ps. Sort out the bug with new creatures plzzzzz


Yes please.

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Agreed. Also…

  1. DNA requests need to be a separate tab from the messages.
  2. After a battle unable to post messages.
  3. DNA requests need to be fixed in place. Every time after opening the app, I go to click on a request they move and reorder. This happens a few times until they settle down.

Couldn’t agree more. Us alliance leaders have been very patient and it’s time our patience is rewarded. I’m tired of having to work to get a fix on who is helping and who isn’t. This should be fun for us too, but the amount of housekeeping / admin we have to do, it isn’t.

Play any other game and you’ll see what alliances are structured, it doesn’t change a great deal from game to game. Here almost all of the key features just don’t exist.

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I am beginning to think that money talks with Ludia, when the highest purchasing players moaned about boosts we got a maintenance to change them.
I have seen many posts from Alliance Leaders asking for some form of structure to make being a leader worthwhile
Why create an alliance and be named Leader but in essence have nothing to lead with, it’s basically name only
I am just a member of an Alliance but even I can see the need


Also agree. My UI chat panel is still bouncing around and rubberbanding all over, like it has since alliances went live.

Its hard to donate to anyone if I have to scroll up, as it just shoots all the way to the top or bottom with the slightest touch of the screen.

Some Leader tools would be nice as well. It used to be fairly easy, as I would just kick the 0 trophy players, but things are changing.

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Same er u need to restart the game to b able to donate somewhere in the middle. I can’t see anymore who’s donating dna to my requests is this new?


Totally agree it’s been way to long without anything to help the leaders with alliances…

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Good idea. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh yeah, Ludia would probably introduce yet more bugs to go along with the scrolling bug, the expired donation requests appearing at client startup, the alliance chat suddenly not working for no reason, the alliance chat not working after a friendly battle.

Always a cynic lol

They had fixed the chat-after-battle one but it got re-broken with a subsequent update.

I fully agree about the need for alliance tools. Desperate.

Requests, donations, amount contributed to alliance missions, last login, maybe time zone?