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Next Mammoth/Diplodicus event?

Given we’re all chomping at the bid to get/improve some high tyrants, anyone have any guesses when next opportunity will be?

Don’t know but I really need some Mammoth.

Unless we get a special event week, we aren’t likely to get a mammoth green drop event until winter…
But there is the Entelomoth pursuit coming up within the next 2 pursuits after snake.

As for Diplod, getting a High HP event would be our best bet, although lockdown also includes Diplod.

We should be getting a Mammoth pursuit soon. Since we are in the 1.12 hybrids now. Dilophoboa now, and we still have Megalogaia and Entelomoth (which will include Mammoth). Not sure if we’ll have a separate Spinocon pursuit but that would be awesome as that’s a 2nd week of snake.

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if my luck with hybrid pursuits is to continue, i’m don getting epics for 3 weeks. :laughing: got 2 snakes on monday.

got none, but for the first time ever I got postimetradon and I hereby declare it is as the easiest epic to dart.

For me, that award goes to Eucladeceros. Super easy. Only problem is the short time frame to find it :weary:

I have seen a grand total of 0 snakes so far. after 2 epic scents and 7 Giga scents and about 3 hours out hunting Elasmo yesterday :rofl:

I bagged 2 snakes this afternoon