Next Procerato Tournement... wow great

Great to see that all Procerato Lovers have the next big advantage in the tournement 17-20 April.

But you complain all the time, great to see which player have the biggest procerato…

But the procerato Show must go on and on…


I hadn’t realised hybrids would be allowed. Uh-oh.

I love when people call Procerat balanced because some uniques counter him. He should be countered not by some uniques but by some epics. Why should he be much stronger than other epic hybrids? I hate when Ludia makes creatures broken because of their exclusiveness, but this thing isn’t even exclusive. There is no reason for him to be that strong


Its clear Ludia’s statement that rarer creatures were better is a guideline rather than a strict rule. As such, Procera, is exceptionally good for an epic, but not overpowered in the company of other tyrants. Its fine as it is.


Procera isn’t the most viable end-game epic in season pvp anymore, as it has no chance against immune nullifying armoured hp freak tyrants, and also can be out-speeded.

…but in this tourney, it will be a true nightmare! I can’t think of any good counter! I don’t like Procera, and haven’t levelled mine. Hope I never will.


You only confirm my words. Procerat is balanced because some uniques counter him? No, he would be if some other epic hybrids would do so. Stop comparing Procerat to uniques that deserve to be tyrant.


Nothing ‘deserves’ to be a tyrant. Some ones are, including Procera. If it then gets countered by them, thats fine.

Your issue seems to be because its an epic trading punches with uniques. I don’t see why this is an issue.


Where do you see that tournament will once again be a filthy Yoshi tournament? I hope it is not so.

I really dislike the Yoshi (epic all levels) and indo2 (legendary all levels) tournaments. In fact I never participate in them but this time I will have to do it to help the alliance and it will be very unpleasant.

I refuse to evolve both hateful creatures even though I have components to bring Yoshi to 30 and more.

Nothing deserves to be high tyrant (because only op creatures are there), but most uniques should be low tyrants
What’s the tier for an epic nonexclusive normal (not super) hybrid? High alpha or Low apex, maybe mid apex. Definitely not highest of high apex


Why not tho?

Procerat is just an ‘unpleasant’ dino to play against. There are dinos that counter it… fairly poorly. It however counters many dinos very effectively. As high as it is in the meta and as easy as it is to make, it tends to be over-leveled and it’s only Rare which basically makes it broken in Rare Hybrid tournaments.

It’s not a very complex argument.

If it were up to me, I’d remove nullify and replace it with evasive strike or something.


How do you will stop such a dino with only epics dino? Many uniques have problems with such a overpowered dino and now in the tournement normally you can give up when you See IT!

Id Say That Proceratosaurous Is A Good Early On Hybrid You Can Get That Is In The Ranks Of The Great Thordalor And Geminititan Its Easy To Get And Its Good Not Overpowered.

Where you have a rule that rarity should decide tier in which some creature fits?

Why you don’t complain about Entelomoth that is way overpowered for legendary? It’s possible super hybrid ingredient and Mammoth makes new high tyrant hybrid Mammolania.
Really have enough complaints about Yoshi, just because it’s an epic. We had Monomimus, that was legendary, but everybody wanted it nerfed. Ludia responded and nerfed it to the grave and beyond. Though nothing was wrong with Monomimus, just dodge was broken then, cause it negated all damage.

Wouldn’t mind slight health and damage nerf on Yoshi though. It’s far from broken creature. Even in only epic hybrid skill tournament isn’t biggest issue. Last one we had few months ago, Yoshi wasn’t problem for me. Lost most matches, cause opponent draw both, Puru and Rixis and I had only one.

In advantage tournament next weekend all boosted creatures will be OP. Rixis with more than 4k damage turn one, boosted maxed Trexes, etc.


No one’s saying Entelomoth isn’t overpowered. And that’s a pretty random assumption to make in the first place. It’s generally agreed that it’s OP, so you don’t have to speak out as much.
Or do you expect us to list all the creatures we think are overpowered every time something needs a nerf?

With Procera on the other hand, there’s a difference. Just because it is countered by Uniques and OP Legendaries, a lot of people are saying that it isn’t a problem. It’s stats are simply too high for what it is.

Firstly, there’s the ingredient angle. It is much better than Legendaries with ingredients of similar or greater exclusivity.

Then there’s the parent stat angle. It’s stats are too high in comparison with its parents.

Then there’s the fact that it’s an Epic. The Epic rarity isn’t just a colour. It shows how much DNA you need to create and level a creature at each step. The fact that it isn’t a superhybrid is also important. That means you don’t have to go chasing different ingredients.

This is more than people saying “it’s just an Epic”.
And Monomimus? If Evasion was the only broken part, why weren’t Indoraptor and Indominus rex also similarly broken?

It’s all right for some creatures to be a little better than others, if they can be easily countered at their rarity level in tournaments. Look at Suchotator. One of the best non-superhybrids in the game, yet it doesn’t necessarily decide who wins and who loses a match in a Rare tournament.

And lastly, Yoshi isn’t just a boost problem. Otherwise there would have been no question of needing a new tier between High Apex and Tyrant.


Yeah, Procera is exceptionally good for an epic. But so what? I still haven’t seen an argument as to why this should be an issue.


Pointed out Entelomoth, cause it’s obvious and is legendary, not unique.

My point is that some people come to forum just to post in or create a thread about Yoshi and their first and only argument is, that its an epic and epics shouldn’t be as strong or stronger as uniques.

If you ask me, I don’t care which rarity OP or any strong creature is. More powerful creatures we have, better it is.

I’m bored sometimes, cause I’m stuck on same team for months now. Even when I decide to use boosts, maybe one or two creatures will be changed. In arena, 90% of time see same creatures in same order.

As I said I agree with some damage and health nerf (3000 health and 1500 damage, if we follow same 2x attack damage as health pattern of spreedsters) of Yoshi, as this will help in lower arenas. Honestly that health buff was unneccessary.

Monomimus had other things to fix to, beside Evasive, just Evasive made it invincible and RNG (that is still broken).

As for upcoming tournaments, I don’t see Yoshi as biggest problem. Rixis and Puru will be main threats in tournament this weekend. Except few immunes, they can keep any creature on field. Both can counter Yoshi counters.

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I don’t complain about Entelomoth here because it’s a thread about Yoshi tourney. I only wrote that high tyrants are op, and that’s enough considering it’s not a thread about them.
@Qaw wrote exactly what I think, nothing to add here. Being an epic is only one reason of why he should get nerfed

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And to be clear, I’m not calling for a giant nerf just like Monomimus one. I just want Procerat to have his parents’ stats and a slight ability change.