Next Procerato Tournement... wow great

Thanks for the info.

I see that a disgusting and nauseating news is confirmed.

One more reason to rethink leaving the game.

The problem is not just that you can’t stop with epics.

The problem is that people who have decided to have 30 megaboosted epics will face many like me that we will not have any epic above 20 (in my case an old 23, the stegoceratops) and all of them with 0 boosts because we think that this is the correct way to play. Some will have Yoshi 30 with 10/10/10 Boosts and others (who may have 10 uniques at 30) will have level 20 creatures with 0 boosts. And precisely in the tournament that distributes essential DNA instead of useless DNA or four coins. Ludia returns to favor those who have decided a way to play above the rest.

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Yeah but then the whole game doesnt make sence. Why we should create unique dinos and not push our epics dinos to lvl 30?

I didnt see a tournement where only boosted uniques are allowed… but those guys who boost procerato can use it in the Arena and in tournements. Unique Booster only in Arena. So why unique boosters habe such disadvantage? @Ned can you please explain?

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Unique dinos tend to have better stats and attacks than other rarities. Only unique tournament would be pretty unfair, since a lot of people wouldn’t be able to enter it.

Hey Fred, I’m sorry to hear that the next Tournament was not what you were expecting.:sweat:

What I can do is share your feedback regarding the Tournament with our team.

Thank you, everyone, as well for your input!


What you say is true, but whoever has in their team a megaboosted Yoshi30, a megabooted Indo2 and maybe also a goat and a thilacotator in the same situation can use them in epic / legendary tournaments and rampage me and also use them in tournaments of unique while I, who only evolve uniques, as should be logical, no.

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i’m sure we would all like a tournament that is default levels, but no boosts. These advantage tournaments are more or less the arena with stipulations attached. Just something different that isn’t boosts or constant speed ties would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @Ned,

The problem is not so much the tournament itself as having epic (and legendary creatures at a lower level) so beastly that they can be used boosted in normal tournaments. In fact Yoshi is better than the vast majority of uniques and legendary ones. That makes these tournaments have two categories, those of those who have evolved and booted epics and those who have not. The former will have fun and get great prizes and the latter will not. And I think it’s not fair …

In four weeks something similar will happen in the epic and rare non-hybrid tournament but it is very different. If someone has taken 30 and boosted a TREX or a turtle, it will sweep the championship but those creatures do not serve in the normal championship. If they have decided this, it is legitimate, win options in these championships losing it in the normal championships.

Whoever has decided to take 30 and boost a Yoshi (and to a lesser extent an Indo2) sweeps one championship without losing options in the other.


Thanks, xescot! I’ll make a note of that in the feedback.

Ludia, remove the passive immunity of Procerathomimus, you will see how you will earn more money with the increases!
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Here are some of the Last / Future tournaments where you can uses boosted epic dinos…
You can mean there is no tournament without epic dinos!!! @Ned

End of Feb

End of March

Mid of April

Begin May

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I don’t remember people complaining about Monosteg but she used to be more powerful than uniques, there was even a joke that she was meant to be unique but Ludia forgot to give her the green.

I get Wrathomimus is better than a lot of strong dinosaurs, but rarity hasn’t mattered since at least Indo g2, so we can forget about them complain about about things that are actually a problem.


Indo G2 and Indominus G2 both have lore on their side. Procerathomimus has no excuse.

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Sorry, but that is not a reason for me.

To be fair Procera is arena exclusive. Though it was on many events and Yoshi too. So is still not as common as DC, which has two commons for ingredients. DC got nerfed at last.

I agree with some nerf, just hope that won’t be like Monomimus. Not using Yoshi, mine is only lvl 19, but could lvl it to 26 if I want. I just don’t like glass cannons.

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Really? You have found Procerato a long Period on a Tuesday! See Screenshots

Now you can find it in the day and dusk:

And then you have these dino every time in the Supply Drops

And Last week you get it from the Alliance incubator…

Sorry noone have to say its an Arena exklusive DNA and its so hard to get the Dna of it!


it may be arena exclusive dna as people say, but by gosh it is in almost every one of my incubators. i got 15K+ procerato i don’t bother using.


I’d rather come across a big Yoshi than a massive indominus rex G2


As you see, @Fred, I mentioned events. Just forgot to mention that it’s wild spawn too. Honestly, I maybe saw 5 or 6 wild Yoshi all this time, while I see Maiasaura all the time.

Why I mentioned that Yoshi is made from arena exclusive dna? Just because everybody is saying how easy is to get Yoshi ingredients. Ok, its easy, but, not, because you find Yoshi or Procera on every corner like Draco g2 or Trike g2, but because of events. They are doing same thing, as they did with Sino back then.

I don’t like upcoming tournaments, because of “OP” Rixis and Puru. Yoshi is easy to take care of, but I lose most of time, cause opponents always draw both, Puru and Rixis and I only draw one and have nothing left to take care of second one at the end.

EDIT: For advantage tournament my team is a fodder of any overleveled team, so really don’t care if Yoshi has 1550 attack or 2300.

Yeah. I’m not excited to fight the indestructible ostrich 300 times in a row. sigh

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It is OP ppl who defend it is because they have it overleveled and boosted tobthe roof and don’t want to lose their easy win card