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Next reset up the trophy reset


The last one would have been great if arena 9 were highest. But its not, we have an arena 10.

Right now, 4 days after reset, we have 25 people in arena 9.

There are 4 in 10.

Im ok with the last arena being pretty exclusive. But the second to last arena?

There is something wrong when i am top 200 and still a long ways off from the second to last arena.

Next time, please reset cap at 5500, not 5k. Right now many of us are simply trading trophies. I know, because in a day ill battle 3 or 4 people 3 or 4 times.

So my feedback is: please dont reset so low next time.



Agreed. Im in 4250 now. And i see the lowest of 500 still so close to me when im terribly outmatched. Im just passing trophies from the 4000 to the 4500 hoping they will go up faster.