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Next Super-Hybrid! 2.5 (poll)

Well, Ankylocodon finally got its day and it is… something lol what creature from these selections would you personally want to receive a super-hybrid next?

  • Brontolasmus
  • Dimodactylus
  • Entelochops
  • Erlikogamma
  • Procerathomimus
  • Velosrhacos

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  • Acrocanthops
  • Alankylosaurus
  • Alloraptor
  • Dsungaia
  • Edaphocevia
  • Eremoceros
  • Grylenken
  • Keratoporcus
  • Phorusaura

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there are plenty i want superhybrids for, but im in the camp that the older they hybrid the higher priority they should be.


Dimodactylus hybrid would be cool too see. For a unique I would also like to see either Alankylosaurus or Alloraptor, both are cool.


Alloraptor’s superhybrid better be oppressive and OP, otherwise I’m just saving my DNA to take her all the way to 30.

Also, the Armored Murder Squirrel - er, I mean, Ankylodicurus - isn’t half bad for the Epic raids.


I would like to see a Pog Deer Sloth hybrid, Dimodactylus hybrid is REQUIRED

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Ooh! Ooh! Splice it with Pteranodon, give it a swap-in Ferocity and some kind of Attack-on-Escape, increase the base speed a tad but keep the HP and Damage as the Alloraptor, then change the body to be basically the Alloraptor bit with giant wyvern-like wings!

Poof! Near-Dragon!


And then there’s the merchandising…


I’m kinda expecting them to just spam, execlusive component uniques now for championships, porky, alloraptor, acrops, alanky, phora, crock duck all of em just waiting for their super hybrid and then their championship

I would love an alloraptor super hybrid with raptor animations because I am currently using alloraptor on my team but a unique raptor with rending takedown to me is just insane


i completly agree alloraptor right now is allready great but when the new hybrid coomes out it better have the same resistances as alloraptor or better