Next time they have a dino survey

No matter what it is about, just vote for everything that has a hybrid. Particularly Sino and Dimetrodon. Please?!?


Why even answer any of the questions they are not going to listen

Agreed from now on everyone pretend to be afraid of sino and anklo. No more allo.


Obviously they listened since they did the survey and then actually did an event based off the results. The Halloween scent attracts a very specific set of dinos based in what people put in that survey. So next time we should all put dinos we need so we can get those in a scent haha.


Here’s the problem:

Not all dinos are selected in their candidate list.

For example, I remembered the Halloween event dino survey list only got some carnivore dinos.
(Tarbosaurus is also there, but not picked up because I am not so much favored.:t_rex:)

You can’t choose those dinos not in their list. Although we really need them so badly.

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