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Next Tournament Prize


Give the players what they truly lust for, especially with recent events of dino modifications: WE WANT IRRITATOR!!!


I agree we want irritator… but we are most likely getting scoola since it can only be given out as a prize…and its new.

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Would love irritator as I’m guessing everyone would. But not until cheaters are removed from the leaderboard. I’d be pissed if I lost out on dna that valuable to a spoofer.


Hahaha I was just saying this with my alliance, how I’m sure folks would love Irritator but obvs are hesitant with cheaters still on the board


Homestly isnt magna something thats rare for them? Actually not to sure i wanna give them something they cant normally get.


Rare for anybody. That Irritator is very…precious to me…

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Do you think it was made an arena exclusive just to … irritate us ? :sunglasses:

And just so it’s out there… the most painful thing in this game isn’t losing a match you should’ve won b.c of dracocera or DG2. The most painful thing is getting a streak of 10s on Magna :exploding_head::pleading_face::tired_face:


Wasn’t it data mined that the next prize is scolosaurus

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Shhhh don’t crush my dreams

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Darwin as prize is not bad!!!

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Hear, Hear :+1:


Could throw out avit of kentro for my own selfish needs aswell haha and anky while there at it that would do