Next tournament : the month of disappointment

It started well just to raise expectations, and now we will have the deinocheirus tournament …

I’m disappointed in you ludia.

meanwhile I dream of our friend brachiosaurus in the distance …



Yeah, pretty lame. Last year we had two new creatures (Gigantophis and Lythronax)
There’s no shortage of cool dinos still to add
Exactly how is this “March Madness” different now?


only out of anger will I not participate in this ridiculous and meaningless tournament.

Yup, im skipping this one too. I all ready have this dino unlocked

  • 2,600 loyalty points
  • up to 1,500 bucks
  • up to 7,500 DNA



Rewards pack for a Dominator finish makes a repeat tournament worth it, even if you don’t need a “free” copy of the creature


Anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering; suffering leads to the dark side.
Or something like that. :flushed:


@DinoStan…I’m your father…

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it’s not all about rewards, it’s about meaning, having hopes of different tournaments in a month that is promised, so that in the end hopes are destroyed.
I never cared about rewards, I keep playing this game waiting for a new dino, something new, a new event …
now they take a lvl80 unlock dino and place it as a tournament reward!?!
I’m sorry, but if you become a slave to the rewards, ludia will never change the game.
And the name of the game is jurassic world, does not reward world.
good luck in the tournament, this time i won’t be there to steal your position.

Thanks for the flowers.

I know I’ll still compete in the tournaments because I do appreciate the end prize - even though I feel that the modded pvps give better rewards overall for each of the individual battles. But, I am definitely confused by what Lydia was talking about regarding new tournaments for the month of March. One new Dino made sense… But as for claiming it’s a new tournament every weekend… 1) we’ve had a tournament pretty much every weekend for months now and 2) we aren’t seeing rules or cenozoics or aquatics or even mods being implemented for these “new” tournaments. I guess I’m just confused by what they meant. Super feel like a broken record continuing to wish for novelty challenge and/or novel use of different dinos in tournaments, so I’m sorry for that. I guess I just got my hopes up when they said “new tournament every weekend for March”. :sob::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

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@Tommi, grandpa?


Cant you just unlock it from battle stage 70?


Ludia does a lot of things right. Their PR team, though, isn’t exactly their strongest suit. Probably half the time, the weekly schedule has an error on it (a tournament is labeled incorrectly, etc.). And to be fair, to say that there will be a “new tournament” every week is a bit vague. They didn’t say a new creature; they said a new tournament. Technically, isn’t every tournament a new tournament?

All this to say, yeah, sure, we didn’t get four new dinosaurs. But we got one that is pretty boss in terms of looks, and it’s not yet-another carnivore! And it’s available for anyone (in theory), not just VIPs. So there’s something to be said for that.

And the last tournament of the month will be a hybrid, whichever of the three wins. Unlocking such a high level hybrid (for those who can) is well worth a month’s collection of tournaments. Think about it; that’s two creatures you don’t have to get to level 40 (one of which is a tournament creature) and then “lose” when you make the hybrid.

So yeah, Ludia could have been clearer. But they’re still giving us a deal that even Lando would raise his eyebrow at, so let’s not be too quick to gripe.

Especially in this present day and context, we have much for which to be thankful.


by people like you, ludia should pay more attention, even if they “cheat” at the March event, you don’t see a bad side.
I admire how you have a positive outlook, you will probably go far beyond me.

I don’t think Ludia cheated. I think they communicated poorly. As someone who’s been dealing with human beings for nearly half a century, I can safely say that miscommunication is a pretty common thing, and one to which I myself am prone. :slight_smile:

As for a positive outlook, I think most people who know me would laugh heartily at the idea of my being an optimist, but I’ll take the gracious compliment.

It’s a game, and one for which I don’t pay (except for watching videos). I don’t have much room to complain.

As for me going beyond you, I think life’s more of a co-op game than a competitive one. In the words of my favorite comedian, Red Green:


You are a wise man and definitely deserve your status as Jedi knight.


The level 80 unlock is the Zalmoxes

Yeah, Deinocherius is the Battle Stage 70 unlock. Of course, it’s not official that Deinocherius is the tournament creature this week, although that picture certainly is suggestive. All that said, it’s been almost a full year since Deinocherius had a tournament (week of 4/8, Aquatic Super-rares only). That was a fun, quick tournament.

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Tournaments with rules were always interesting. I don’t understand why they do not use this feature anymore.