Next tournament where speed ties decides who win

No comment, thanks Ludia for a fair Game for every player!

But sure its fair, when you play the snake and your opponent play the snake too because he knows he will win the speed ties… that JWA!!!

So embarressing!


Since they have releasing battle simulations on Game Press everybody using the same 10-12 dinos. Then most of the tournaments are just competiton “who tap faster”. Absolute lottery like most of the features in this game.

The only way they can resolve the issue is to give everyone 8 speed boosts to apply to your tourney team on the skill tourney.

Once it’s over the boosts are gone, and they are only able to be used in the tourney.

It’s inevitable that the problems with skill based tourneys will be speed ties and the monotonous nature of the dinos being used.

At least with the ability to apply speed boosts it would add variety and reduce the speed ties

but they dont want to have a fair gameplay.

All the speed ties and the tournament ending show exactly that they dont interested to have equal opportunity for the complete community.

In Europe the tournaments end at 16 o clock on Monday, Many players cant play because they have to work… but it doesnt count.

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