Next tournament:

we were deceived,no there will be 4 new creatures …

Really I have told my family that I would like to stay home and play and I was hoping that it will be something cool


I feel like this is similar to what they did when they added Gigantophis in the game.
First it was Gigantophis, the second snake species. Then two unique creatures. And the last one was a Hybrid tournament creature that you got to vote on. I think it was Gorgosuchus?

But I am hoping we could be getting Brachiosaurus in this batch.


I don’t think brachiosaurus will come now. As the next tournament is an aquatic one, I believe that the third will be from a new cenozoic and the fourth will perhaps bring a new carnivore.

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The next creature is…
a fish.

Let’s hope the pack rewards are decent


A freaking fish…? Ill sit this one out, i have no interest in the aquatic creatures.

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