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Next Unique

Irritator generation 2, Ophiacodon what do you think the next unique will be

Idk probably a Procerathomimus super hybrid

That’d be crazy

check out my post: Procerathoraptor:
Hybrid file #1

I already made my version about the next unique

Alankylosaur + Entelomoth

We all know the meta is actually unbanned so let this unique balanced all that

HP : 4560
DMG : 1500
Speed : 120
Armor : 30%
Crit chance : 20%

Persistent Ferocious superior vulnerability
(PFS + SV)
Definite Rampage
Mutual fury
Long invicibility

On escape regeneration (cleanse and regen 50%)
Swap in invicibility
Immune to stun
Immune to DoT
Immune to shattering, definite and nullifying effects

And there it is
Isn’t this unique perfect to balance the meta :clown_face:

Acute stun
Greater stunning rampage
Swap in savagery

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Ouuuu…this would be scary. That would explain why Procerathomimus was showing up a lot for events.

Procera + lythorax
Unique (mimus animation)
Healt : 3500
Damage: 1250
Speed: 129
Crit: 5
Armor: 0
Shielding strike
Ditracting rampage
Instan distrac
Side step (or dig in :3, it can have and animation to search for worms)
Habilities :
Nullyfing counter atack (1x)
There we go, the perfect creture

Nullifying counter attack? I think no counter should nullify.

I know, that’s why this one it’s a monster,
It combined swap in Nullyfing and counter

While yes no counter should nullify you got to remember that this is ludia. “Making the game more broken with OP hybrids instead of fixing old hybrids since [INSERT YEAR JWA WAS BORN]”

2018? 10 Characters

I can Imagine Erlikogamma and Yoshi.

Ludia : hmmm interesting, lets make this super hybrid

I hope :heart_eyes:
10 chara