Next update should focus on playability, quality of life

Even with low expectations for this game, I did not think that event distribution would continue to get worse after 4 years. For weeks now, the distribution of event dinos has been terrible for some of us who only walk to play and has been even worse for players who are largely dependent on WiFi.

Today, there are 15 steps in epic strikes (I can’t reach either from home) so some players might end up spending 30 minutes or more on them because of the lags, disconnects, and glacially slow loading. And if someone makes the mistake of trying to view a dino in the dex, there’s even more lag …

These problems are in addition to the tedious missions, the absurd RNG, and the extreme mismatches in the arena as Ludia pushes out OP dinos that some players will pay to get first.

I hope that the developers will focus on making the game more playable and more fun in the next updates. I suspect JWA is near a tipping point – if things continue as they are, many formerly regular players are going to start leaving the game.


Yep - 100% this.


Yes, so obvious. But they won’t. Just being realistic.

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It’s hard to monetize playability and quality of life. If they could charge $99.99 for it in the store, I’m sure both would be queued up for the next update.


Reposting my comment from another related topic. I think it applies here as well:

It would be great if the next 2-3 updates focused solely on debugging, but that’s not likely to happen. Each new update doesn’t have to have new dinos/features but the devs for this game seem to not understand that. Apparently the people who own the game would rather focus on increasing profit than dealing with the bad pr it gets because of all the bugs.


It would definitely help to get a QOL update where bugs and issues were fixed. We have enough creatures at the moment to work on that it wouldn’t be an issue to delay new ones for a little while.