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Next update what you should add

I definitely think new creatures should be added like always but can also update the map. It’s been a while since you last updated the map and I just want something new on. I don’t know what tho

if there is something players need it’s the rework of pvp


PVP rework, bug extermination, new creatures
Those are my main 3 hopes, and in that order

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Don’t forget the destruction of all stat boost

That’s prob never gonna happen, we’ve gone too far in boosts, too many people have spent irl cash on them, ludia would lose a lot of money and more problems


True but I still think that since it’s been a while since the map has had an update and so money they can DECREES the creature spawn

Going OUTSIDE to dart Dinos has because not needed except from unique events

They could do with more gaint bird that can fly like Argentavias and that but the game lacks Australian creatures we could do with procantodon and megalani and that and maby and carboniferous bugs and that

What ia needed is wooly rhino and mrhino nerf. As it stands with three swap in stun 2+k rhinos whoever deals more pigs win… Thor too as mortem is on every team… Arena/meta is as broken as they come

Epics for these families :

  • ground sloths
  • Entelodonts
  • armadillos
  • gorgonopsids
  • land crocodiles
  • oviraptorids
  • terror birds

Rares for these families :

  • elephants
  • ground sloths

Commons for these families :

  • oviraptorids
  • herbivore synapsids
  • sauropods Brachiosaurus type
  • pterosaurs pteranodon type
  • elephants
  • big cats
  • deer
  • snakes
  • turtles

Hybrids for :

  • alankylosaurus
  • phorusaura
  • keratoporcus
  • dsungaia
  • proceratomimus
  • dimordactylus
  • Scutosaurus
  • edaphocevia
  • acrocanthops
  • dakotanops
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You forgot troodon,andrewsarchus,amphicyon,megistotherium they despreately need a hybrid

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Stop adding more stuff for a little while, clean all the bugs, remove the long useless animations for dead dinos in raids, give leader some management tools but more important, clean up the spaghetti code so you can play the game on a normal phone with no lag and not being able to cook an egg on our phone, while we play. There’s a lot of way more graphical extensive games out there that do not take half the ressource this game is taking.


They change the drop positions almost every update don’t they? and why do you want them to decrees creature spawns?

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Because going out to dart creatures has become useless except for events

SO gaining more dna for hybrids and such is useless? And what about 3hr scents?

The issue is so many viable hybrids require exclusive dna so the chance of darting something you actually need to improve your team is just diminished. I think it’s one of the issues that keep so much of the playerbase in the lower arenas and it definitely needs an overhaul.

And short distance spawns was a start in the right direction the issue is timing.

And I don’t think it’s the best time for Ludia to look at the map as it’s been this way forever and the timing isn’t right yet. When you got countries going back into Lockdowns it’s an update that will be as well received as short distance spawns was.

They hid it too, that’s how they know it’s true. I hope it’s not all the new creatures tho.

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This is my ideas today! @dan1209 @Altithorax_Perotorum @Snake_Dude


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What if we just stuck with ** total glitch / bug / error elimination.?.

Currently there are literally hundreds of bugs that are plaguing the game and at times it can become unbearable to even play it ( the game = JWA >>> Jurassic World Alive ).
PvP battles are broken to the point battles freeze without warning mid battle, The game AI suddenly kicks in and either takes over the entire PvP battle or starts choosing your dinosaurs and moves before you can, even when the PvP battle starts the extremely long time a player has to wait until they can actually choose which dinosaur they are going to start the PvP battle with is rapidly turning arena battles into a scream fest = you screaming your lungs out when suddenly control of the PvP battle is taken from you and given to the games A.I. !

Strike towers regardless of whether they are common, rare, epic or any other type of strike tower can descend into an absolute nightmare when it constantly crashes, tosses you out of the strike tower then proceeds to say * you lose * even though before the battle you had going against the strike tower had you at 2 - 0 or on the verge of winning the reward(s) in the strike tower… sorry you lose even though technically you should have by rights won instead !.

Supply drops * bouncing out = click on a supply drop it starts to open but then suddenly it closes and returns to its original position on the game field and cannot be clicked on or unlocked either allowing you to collect the rewards inside of it.?.

Severe LAG TIMING from game I.S.P. = internet service provider / game servers freeze up or dwindle to an extremely slow pace when playing the game whereby the game slows down so much a snail could race past it doing 500 miles an hour and your still trying to catch up minutes later !.

All this and more needs to be fixed first before getting any new dinosaurs as it is we currently have a staggering 240 varied and different dinosaurs to choose from in our inventory / dinodex list be they common, rare, epic, legendary or unique we have more than enough to occupy our time by leveling them up or boosting them or using strategies to make them into working raid teams, PvP battle teams, friendly battle teams, or alliance tournament teams… so yes we have dinosaurs aplenty to fiddle around with in the game before any more new ones are introduced sometime in the future… when we dont know but as for me and i think hundreds of other players as well we would all be content with a greater percentage of the games glitches / bugs/ errors being fixed first before anything else.

Kind regards
Member of the LHMB ( Look How Much Blood ) alliance :grinning: :smiley: :grinning:

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