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Next update?

Anyone know when the next update is coming out? I want to stop seeing level 28 boosted monos ganging up on my poor little utarinex (Only level 21 :frowning: )


I don’t know how distant updates are from one another, but I just think there may be an update in march or april


yikes, april? i hope not.

if they’re roughly on schedule to do an update a month it be about time next week. otherwise it’s wait untill they feel it’ll be mostly right.


Will likely be before end Feb or latest end March due to Championship. We have 1 last Exclusive DNA unique: Monolorhino. That one will be the worst one to have since its Exclusive DNA component is a monster in its own right.


Was really hoping for release notes today so fingers crossed next fri.

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They should release them soon to avoid having to have the March Championship be the Rhino one and thus bringing in the cancer that is Rhino and its cancerous hybrid Monolorhino into arena.

I am hoping they change Wooly Rhino in the next update so as to make it less of a problem in PvP.

I hope they change MonoRhino too. Way too many resistances for a swapper.

As mentioned it seems the Woolly Rhino is the last of the exclusive creatures.

With that said, maybe Allosaurus Gen. 2 will get a unique from Alloraptor making a new Championship. Same for the Oviraptor and whatever the Dilophosaurus hybrid is.

We also have plenty of other hybrids without super hybrids that could mix with an existing exclusive or a new one in an update.

I’m sure come the annual anniversary of the game they will switch up the creatures again and make different ones exclusive and release other exclusives into the wild or incubators and stuff like they did last year.


I’m thinking at the end of march, ludia has defenetly proven that they can make very decent updates if given just 2 months

However as stated above mrhino is the only creature left to have a championship, so i think they should just realize an update the last week before the april champion and give stuff like porky, alloraptor, alanky… uniques so they could be used for championships.

Also since now balancing occurs every other update they should take their time to balance stuff for 2.5
Including a hammer for rixis, monometro, wooly rhino, diplo…


Nerfing Rhino after giving it freely or promising to give it freely would actually be quite underhanded. Its Ludia so not surprising that they actually nerf Rhino just before everyone has a chance to battle for its DNA and collect huge amounts of moola from.boosts sales in prep for that tournament.

I would prefer they actually avoid MRhino as a Championship if.they intend a nerf halfway. Or in the near future.

Idk about an mrhino nerf yet but currently we realy need to focus on nerfing it’s components first

I realy don’t think that kinda rushing an update just to avoid a championship realy makes scense tho, especialy after 2.3 and 2.4

I’d say that wooly rhino needs a nerf even if it would be a nerf trap honestly better then nothing, for mrhino we’ll have to see as theres other creatures that realy need a nerf right now

Tho i did barley unlock mrhino realy have to see how well it preformes(so far it seems very well) to see if it does need a nerf or not

i,d say give mamolameio back is big hit without it unless boosted tpo the bajesus he is useless
apart from that take thors poison resistance off him and give him back group shatter for raids :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure they would be rushing if it was last week of Feb. Its been 2 months already. I suspect they have some things half ready when 2.4 came out.

Anyway, when it comes out doesn’t matter if it follows the current trend of being complete pander to the minority.

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But it is balance; unlike the swappers cough cough rat. It’s low mush attack combined with very low mulitpiers and lack of speed control balance out the resistances and the hp and armor. While it’s not bad against anything it’s also not good.

Tenato basically has the opposite problem where it’s resistance doesn’t counter everything but it’s stats and kit absolutely does

If we follow the old cycle probably around end of the month unless it’s a bigger major update and takes more time to develop

I hope it arrives soon. If they’re going by what they said last time, this update will have some actual balancing to it, and dang, do I need to see a shake up in the arena. I’ve been neglecting the game lately, it’s just too boring when all the other games I play have been switching things around.

All I’ve been doing are apex raids (that I don’t consider fun unfortunately) and occasionally sanctuary dinos.


ive quitted the game at this point so i really don care but maybe idk next month??

Ludia might surprise us, but I have no faith in them releasing the patch notes this Friday due to there being no teasers. I would probably expect them the following Friday, or possibly the Friday after that.


Well, it finally came out, what a disappointment.

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