Next week dinos


Schedule of dinosaurs for next week:

~ Monday/Tuesday: Gallimimus (NEW), Tanycolagreus, Deinocheirus, Velociraptor. Attempts — 48!

~ Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: Оrnithomimus (NEW), Charlie, Delta, Erlikosaurus (GEN 2). Attempts — 24!

~ Saturday/Sunday: Blue, Pyroraptor. Attempts — 6!

Happy Hunting

August 13th new featured dinos

Where did you get this information from? Lol


Is trolling us! (20 words)


Maybe not (100 words)


Do we ever actually know in advance?


Some people actually look into the game files and know what is possibly coming up!


I sort of hope this isn’t accurate because we’ve had many (most) of these as event dinos before. :confused:


But I hope it’s true! 48 attempt at raptor will be good! I will get my camping gear and settle in for a couple of days at my local park :joy::joy::joy:


Paha, bring a two man tent cause I’m joining you


If the popo bother us we can say “Be vewy vewy qwiet we’re hunting dinosaurs Hehehehehe!

#11 is the only reliable source that I’m aware of with folks who look at the in-game code and make blog posts regarding what creatures will star in upcoming events, creatures that will be released soon, etc. As of late, they haven’t been releasing the info ahead of time due to a collaboration with Ludia…but they still supply us with good information and useful tips.

So, yeah…don’t listen to Justin, people. :sweat_smile:


Wow according to justin they’re are now 10 days in a week now :joy:


Yeah, would be a big surprise if they changed it to 10 Daily Dinosaurs … :pensive:


He is correct lol JWA just posted on twitter


Can I get the link? (Now I see what 20 chracs really means…)


Ah…my bad, @Justin_Larson. I checked Ludia’s Twitter feed and found this to support your post. My apologies for disregarding your legitimate and informative post.

Ludia strikes again! They sure like to keep us on our toes, don’t they…

Twitter link is as follows:


Might be getting to work on monomimus this week :heart_eyes_cat:


Come on i want eather t rex erlikosaurus and indominus or have brachiosaurus and gryposuchus


I thought myself being a dumbie to have gone all-in on monolophosaurus last week until I see this, here’s what exactly I bet my dignity for!!


Same!! Got some mono dna stocked up :grin: