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Next week event dinos mar 18 - mar 24



First :stuck_out_tongue: also yay Stego, Purple Stego & Kentro :slight_smile:


not a crazy week but there is good stuff out there to catch :slight_smile:


Hell yes!

I am hungry for all that Kentrosaurus, Proceratosaurus and Stegosaurus.


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Guess ill dart koola :man_shrugging:


You absolute madman :joy::joy::joy:


Well after tomorrow my tryko will be maxed so no point in kentro lol


If I knew that I would‘ve hunted every Erliko and Anky in my way. -.-


I don’t know why this needs to be said, but why 2 days for 30 attempts (rares) and 3 days for 6 (epics).

Just a little common sense would be appreciated.


Going all kentro next weex


Excited about Steg and Procera.


Ohhh shoot. Should have waited a bit before darting all 18 chances … I darted a lot of Kentro as I had 3.2K Anky; if I have known Kentro is coming again then I would have gone for Erliko all the way :frowning:



I know who your going for! :snail::snail::snail:


Green stego, then purple stego, then orange stego. I need nore trex though, as I used it all making tryko yesterday. :grin:


Now, the question is… can we believe it? :eyes:

Glad I went all anky this week. Hopefully T-rex soon too!

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Bit of a disappointing week ahead. Only ones I am interested in are Stego, Tuo and Kentro.


I guess It’ll go well with my skolo winnings @Alex_Dhir :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t4:

Chances are I’ll get koola from tomorrow’s tower anyway :sweat_smile::rofl::sob:


Not really a disappointing week if we got something worth darting in every rarity. We were due a flier event after this week and actually got something useful.


Disappointing for me. I don’t really need anything else from this week. :slight_smile:

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Hell yeah i will rush skoolasaurus!

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