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Next week featured dinos


Special Event Creatures feb 18-24

Yeah I kinda expected a boring week after this awesome event.
Guess I can have some rest from JWA for a week now. :hugs:

Gonna be veeery nice to sit at home without driving and walking thru hole cities while searching for needed event dinos. Instead, I can chill and get what‘s in my area.


I think I‘ll go after some Amargas and Grypo only.


Well, guess I’ll be closer to unlocking the useless Grypolyth.


Im slightly dissappointed that they are still recycling weeks rather than mixing and editing them up.

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Watch out for st patrik day. I heard rumors then we are able to dart 3 uniques :scream::astonished:


well we did have a poll (to choose 3 unique dinos) but I am only expecting 1 unique to dart :slight_smile: if it is 3 I will be happy :stuck_out_tongue:




Well after what has to be the best week ever , this is undoubtably the worst week ever . There’s not one Dino worth darting at all . A shockingly bad week .


Thanks ludia so i can finally make one week holiday after this insane weeks :grimacing:


It will be a nice break and helpful to new players :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree… it will be nice to have a real life outside of the game for a change…

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I’m happy about grypo. Been working on unlocking the unique.


Guess I’ll go after Purussaurus Gen 2 and Grypo. I’ll probably just ignore the rares for the most part. I don’t need any of them, not even Armargasaurus. I’m not using Tragodistis.

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Woot woot… Argentinasaurus… Hard to find totally good and sarcroxis … And the sacrosuchus. Sweet. I’m gonna level some dinos


This week is the depressing week. The week where I remember how when I first started playing I would only go for the sarco because I thought he would get a sick hybrid. Now I’m reminded of how much gryposuchus I could have gotten instead.


I’m looking forward to no events, gives me a chance to focus on grabbing coins and leveling up all my dinosaurs.


I walked 50km this week in a real effort to get the dinos I wanted/needed. Next week will be far more relaxed. :laughing:


I really hope the strike events are not based on this theme …


So basically week off, except Grypo and maybe Amarga and some Purru g2 as still need to fuse Purrolyth.