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Next week: fierce


Any ideas about the boss strike event? Monolometrodon maybe? :thinking:

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Yay! Thanks for posting!


A Master level Fierce… It might be a level 30 tyrannolophosaurus… If we’re unlucky, it could be a Thor or Tenontorex… If we’re lucky its just a T-rex

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As long as it isn’t a duo it’ll be fairly easy to bleed to death

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They haven’t been putting much thought into the strike events lately so it could be anything.

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Watch the Boss be a duo of Lvl 30 Allosinosaurus & Lvl 30 Thor


With the winter perma snow and cold, my enthusiasm is going. I may cut way down to just the epic towers. I may do others if really convenient.


I hope not Kaprosuchus and Irritator…

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I think that would be way over master level. The Indoraptor level 30 strike was a master, and that was only 1 unique dino. If they put a level 30 unique + level 30 legendary, only like the top 100 players could beat it. With this duo, max level would be 20.

Nvm i stand corrected we did have a level 30 unique + legend duo

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There was one tower with an indoraptor and alankylosaurus…

It’d be challenging (and fun) but if this were to be a unique + legendary Master tower, it wouldn’t be the first one.


Those weren’t both level 30 were they?


Honestly … I don’t remember off the top of my head. Let me dig through the YouTubes :sweat_smile:


(Credit to their rightful owners of course, give them each a subscribe :pray:t4::+1:t4:)


Yea they were both level 30
I checked. I remember almost beating that strike tho… and i was only around level 11 at the time…


I personally think the master towers need to be more challenging …
with more and more people being able to get dinos to extremely high levels, the “master” towers just aren’t as hard as they should be

(This is not likely to be a popular opinion of course)


There should be some sort of level scale so low level people can get better, and so its still challenging for high level players

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Right … so I noticed something:

There has never been a red “expert” tower. image

This is just speculation on my part… but I wonder if this is something that may be included in updates to come.

Master being actually challenging for “elite” players, and expert being for the strong up and comers ??

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Master level epic towers should remain tough. Some are now jokes - Brahio & Trex.

I remember how I failed 3 Raptor strike first time (Stegodeus was too low lvl) and Karpo & Irritator first time. This one I got unlucky. First time failed cause of miscalculations, second time bad RNG striked.


I wouldn’t mind seeing an epic strike level 30 trio now to test my team and skill so long as it is a 3rd epic tower add to the week.

Actually they could move a single level 30 as the hard blue rare tower. My wifes mid teen (14-16) second account can beat the single 30’s. My late teen (17-20) second account have gotten to the point where I can just beat the level 30 dual’s with good planning. My primary team (20-25) needs the challenge. I’m not complaining that the coin rewards are getting easier to obtain but dino costs are so much higher in the 20’s.


The bleed and SIA wound (while effective) took the fun out of the master towers … especially those with only one Dino

Oh @Dragonclaw927 we had anouther unique and legendary match up too: the green and red chicken duo from a few weeks back