Next week green stops

Sooooo am I the only one excited about next week? I’m pretty sure that scary dinosaurs we voted are gonna be in green supply drops, after all we already had legendaries or unique in green stops (ok unique only indoraptor but still haha). What do you guys think? :eyes:

I’d rather have Anky or Erlik lol


I agree to that. :ok_hand:…Include Sino too. Badly needed lol!!!


I dnt mind some extr indo ingredients but im more excited about my Raj. That counter and sheild is beast against all but defense shattering dinos

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Well lol I’d prefer them too but I’m expecting a week full of scary dinos for some reason :jack_o_lantern:

Erlik should’ve been included in the spookiness from the get go. It’s an ostrich with claws… I’d be terrified if I saw that in real life :joy: