Next week is the best week! Rhino, Lion, Tuora and Paramoloch!

Probably the best week we’ll have in 2020


A few things I need. Wooly rhino is always good. The new ankylosaur being a master stike is nice. And para and toura are welcomed for those building up some raid healers.


I personally don’t play any Cenozoic creatures, so speak for yourself lol


The event creatures are exactly the same as last year, nothing new only antar incubator. But hey atles some toura, w.rhino, marsupilian DNA

none of this is bad for me, really having to the antarctopelta on Friday is a big step. I will definitely create monolorhino this week, and the rest … home DNA

I was hoping for para lux :neutral_face:

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Finally, Antarctopelta

They keep forgetting about poor Eucladoceros. Where’s the Reindeer at?

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maybe there will be a “christmas lights” thing with para lux

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An extra 3 attempts would’ve been nice


I agree if we get 3 for legendary and 2 for unique it would be great

Entelodon and Rhino :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: