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Next Week: Nullify + Armor (APR 20-APR 26)


nothing i actively need as far as event creatures. I will take that 200 rhino dna from that master strike tho. get a fuse on monolorhino with that. (still no where near making it)


I might dart the dilopho G2 even though I have a huge supply of it. Nothing else of interest for me to dart.
Hoping for some more brachi and possibly sino from the strikes. Hadrosaur scents, I’ll take them.
Of course the one boost I don’t need (speed) will most likely spawn near me this week, after 2 weeks of losing boosts I needed.
I hope the rhino incubator contains something I need. I’m not looking for rhino though.

Creatures are terrible this week. Well apart from Proceratosaurus he’ll be useful for his epic hybrid as everyone is running so low on his ingredients

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As someone in the same zone as most of these: Ugh.

The only thing to really look forward to is that Rhino DNA. Hopefully it’ll be 500 like that one time.
Apart from that, we’re still waiting on that Diplovenator Unique. Skoolasaurus too.


Yay, nullify week!
But where… where is Koola G2?
Bad Ludia :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


:scream: I completely forgot about Koola G2! That’s the only thing I need to level up my Gemini :man_facepalming:.


i totally for got that last time was a 500 give away. if it is 500 rhino, i’ll get 3 fuses on the unique.

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4 useless week in a row for me. Why there is not Koola Gen 2 ?
I hope armor incubators have anky.

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Oh boi I hope it is I just want to unlock the darn thing

Welcome to my world

No koolasuchus gen 2 :cry:


Yay pteranodon


Nothing I need this week, thank you.


Finally, I’ve been waiting for mono

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Ew, a creature with every single hybrid it makes having a nullifying move, Koolasuchus gen 2, can’t make it into the event? No wonder ludia doesn’t update their events… remember the time they removed irritator gen 1 and changed lockdown week? last change was 1.9, come on…
Koola gen 1 (the useless one) is in there of course…


Monostegotops? good swap in and good for team synergy depending on other dinos :slight_smile:
want my 19283 mono?

Yess please. I’m out. The closest mono zone is closed due to covid-19 sadly, so I’m stuck

F. I am infested with Dimetrodon gen 2. L1+hybrid pursuit.