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Next week’s Featured Creatures (1/7-1/13)


Another yawn for me. Pteranodon + other useless birds 2 weeks in a row? C’mon now. Many will be happy to see Rajasaur, I have so much Raja DNA stockpiled but haven’t seen an Ankylosaurus in the wild in months.


Erlikosaurus please


Woohooo majunga!! :tada:


Perhaps minority opinion here, but I am appreciating this break.


I just don’t get how we let them get away with this garbage. They know which dinos we NEVER see. We make countless topics on it and then their response is let’s put literally the most common and useless stuff we have to offer just to slap our customers in the face.

If we weren’t so stubborn and liked dinosaurs and the idea of this game this company should’ve been barried a long time ago.


The only useful dinos this event are Megalosaurus and Rajasaurus. Majunga and Lythronax are EVERYWHERE right now, granted Lythronax spawns will decrease soon. Watch, next update there will be a Pteranodon hybrid but then they’ll be impossible to find. Getting sick of the useless and scarce spawns more than anything with this game.


Megalo legendary is not the greatest (some may argue) and raja unique also not good. Once epic DNA trading happens all my 7k raja is gone


Counter attack dinos are arguably one of the weakest class of dinos right now. While some are usable… dio and megla… and there is tryko of course. But outside of that their are way to many weak counter attackers.


Because of never migrating areas, everyone has different Dino’s they never see. I have tons of Kentro, others have none. I have no anky, others have tons. Pogo bi weekly nest changes, and how they filled parks with spawns, did things much better. But that was not true at the start of the game, they didn’t do that.

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I am sure you are one of very very few that has lots of kentro


Wow… TOTALLY useless for me :joy:


Glad to see Raja since they are a unicorn for me in my normal travels. I might get enough to create Dio finally. Otherwise… meh? Guess I’ll go for Dsunga-RippedOne-Icks since I see the others in the wild often (even the majunda hybrid.) Funny how the locals are so vastly different for spawns even when comparing one Lx to another of the same number. Ha. Ha… Eh…


Possibly, they just seem to pop up three or four times a week by my house. But I have no anky dna. I’ve heard rumours of people with tons.


I have literally seen one Kentro in the wild since May. (I did take 6 weeks off from mid-September to early November.) It was in the middle of a wetland reserve area, and I could not get within darting range.

Every single Kentro DNA that I have is from events or incubators.

Meanwhile, I see maybe 2 Anky’s a month. Otherwise, events and incubators.

I feel like Zoidberg, looking for scraps. :joy::rofl:

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It would be nice if my area migrated over to yours and yours to mine. Because even 2 anky a month would be a huge step up for me.


I’ll trade you 4K Anky Lo dna for some Tuojing I’ve got all the epic DNA needed but no Tuojing so it’s really worthless

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My office sits on a border of that area and area 1 so I get a decent amount of touji - not enough that I’m stockpiling it, but enough that about every two days I have 500 for a fuse on tuora. But I’m also para-poor because I almost never go into that area… So my tuora is only l22. Once in a while I have to go and stock up on para and get three of four fuses on him, otherwise I’d be sitting on tons.


Agreed that the counter-attack niche is severely underpowered, esp. against stuns where you lose 1.5 turns (the stun negates TWO counters). Tried reporting this as a bug, to no avail… They need to up the base damage or fix the stun bug - or both.

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Para is so abundant for my alliance and people will donate it, but apparently no one in the alliance lives in L3 because you won’t get any Tuojing

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