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Next week’s strike towers


Strike Schedule for next week

Damn, beat me to it.
It’s also super weird both epic strikes are on Sunday.

Not a fan of that, not gonna lie.


They dont have to be both on sunday tho. Could do one S1aturday. Feel most will do that anyways


Yeah, but still, usually it was Tuesday-Thursday.

Both being at the end of the week is just… Awkward.


Just wanna say, I totally called it on the Featured Creatures topic. Immunity is ALWAYS paired with Cunning. lol


Hmmm…wonder if the salamander duo will return for the one-step epic…

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Yeah, they did combine those two the last time in november too


Here are some planned strike towers…there are not many difficult left…but it also can be a completely new one of course

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Oh my gosh, how cute!!! :rabbit:
super excited for the strike towers! Gotta love cunning creatures!

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I agree, I often don’t even leave the house on Sundays… hoping to at least get the 3 step done on Saturday

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I don’t work on (most) weekends, so the epic strikes work out for me.


Yeah im not a fan of this setup i perfer the boss strile to during the week and the multi step on the weekend. Atleast theres good stuff to be had out of the incs

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I want to triple like that expression! Priceless :blush:

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I don’t mind the boss strikes on the weekends, work week gets busy and long.


Well if they start up the alliance missions tomorrow, we’ll be too occupied the beginning of the week getting our alliances to rank 5 so the two epic towers on the weekend is a good thing.