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Next Week: South America & Wound (MAY 11-MAY 17)

Then this might secure me some Spyx dna. I’ve already stocked up on erliko g2 and have a bit of bary g2.

Most likely: sarco, sucho, dimo, spino, suchotat, scaph, spino2, spinotah, and darwin


Finally a good week :slight_smile: all the way to the seco strike. Getting close to max my grypo.

Please feature secodonto!


Looking forward to that seco dna on the incubator. I no longer need dna for irritator of course as it’s out. I may shoot it Incase it get another hybrid. I need more argent, well not sure but the way these 10s are coming on maxima I will. Hopefully I can get the Grypo hybrid to 20 with the grypo dna. Decent week.

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