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Next week strike events missing

Are we back to normal pre lockdown as half the amount of strike towers


Usually they come Sunday late or Monday early

He’s referring to next weeks schedule.

Well if Giga Scents and Extra Range laat to July 15th then Yes the week will still stay the same.

But it hasn’t has it??? It’s reverted to their boring schedule. This is the whole point of this topic.

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This is the calander we are talking about @Jurassic_gamer_2.0

@Ned or @Sara can we get confirmation about this?

How come this schedule does not show the number of attempts and how many levels there are the strike towers?

Standard Normal always 1 step
Standard Rare, 1 step or 3 steps
Standard Epic always 5 steps
Rare, 1 step on Advanced difficulty, and 3 steps on Experienced
Epic, 1 step

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It is also possible they just forgot to update the schedule section from when it was last run …

Hmm, I don’t remember “SpinoTHAraptor”…

Hello everyone. I have confirmed with the team that the number of events are properly listed in the calendar. For the Spinotahraptor spelling error, I have notified the team about this. Thanks for pointing it out, @Kind_Pegasus_95. :slight_smile:

Did you also pass on the players huge disappointment in the reverting to a boring schedule?

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27 for common, 18 for rare, 12 for epic.

9 for 1 common, 6 for 1 rare, 3 for 1 epic, 1 for 1 legendary or unique (can be more than 1 with multiple or you have to choose which to dart.

Hi Ronald
Where are the actual numbers? These are not shown.

Please see below for reference