Next Week Strike Towers

They’ve put up next weeks strike towers, and this time they’ve labelled some of them!


It’s awesome they are putting out strike event calendars now


I love the calendar. Helps me plan better

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BOSS?! what kinda category is that?


Maybe 3 lvl 30 indos

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A scary one.

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One I’m not looking forward to! Definitely won’t be one of the first to do it! I will wait for others to get creamed first!


Boss? Lvl 30 Stegodeus maybe?

3 chances at epic incubators this week, nice. Definitely looking forward to that boss battle. Lvl 30 Indominus + lvl 30 Indoraptor maybe?

It’s doubled from one to two… maybe this time it’ll be four!! :scream::cold_sweat:

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Boss is hopefully not a 30 ankyntosaurus I don’t know that I have time for an all day event.

I wonder what “Halloween + multiple” means??

Halloween theme plus others. (speed, cunning, power up, pterosaurs, immune)

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im gonna guess omega 09 from JWTG is the boss :wink:

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That is quite frightening :fearful:

It’s intimidating enough to work for a Halloween themed boss fight.

or maybe alpha 06. i think that’s what we got in JWTG last halloween