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Next week?

What happened to next weeks schedule announcement? Usually been out for a few hours by now.

If I am right it is meant to represent JP 2 right?

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Someone from Datamine said there’s supposed to be 2 Epic Strikes and Lydia missed it.

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NVM, there it is.

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Ok thanks, looks like there’s a speed boost tower too. Hopefully there’s a few more epic towers to chuck in there.

Sad there isn’t Mamenchisaurus to go with it.

Someone needs to remake these films with Dilophosaurus in each. Both the rares this week are easy to catch on their days.

I find it strange this schedule has not been announced officially.

@Ren @Jorge any ideas what’s going on?

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Looks pretty much the same as the past weeks dinos?

No there are differences. No Dilos for a start and no Brachio.

But yes there will be similarities as last week was based on JP1 and this week is based on JP2.

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@Ned @Jorge @Ren @J.C @Sara @Ludia_Developers

Anyone? Hello? You guys have a rough weekend? :rofl::rofl:

No news on this week’s dinos and etc… lol

Hey everyone, our Facebook page here has the schedule for this week: :smiley:

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Some of us don’t use Facebook. Please keep it consistent and use Twitter as normal.

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I don’t understand why my other post was auto-hidden, anyway, just to add to it, why is there no Master strike tower this week?

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New Hybrid Pursuit this week?

Its koolaid gen 2Screenshot_20190603-102926_JW%20Alive

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Oh man… I was hoping they would just leave Puru on…

@GPx, the schedule has been updated now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, still don’t see it being tweeted out to players though.

You might also want them to update this promotion too.

Thanks for reporting it, and I’ve let our team know about the Koolasuchus icon.

New schedule on our Facebook post here: :smiley: