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Next weeks calendar

Nice week to finish my Spinoconstrictor


Looks great!

More Trex!

I am not saying Rex is bad but back to back movie themed events are boring. We get the same dinos over and over again.


I’ll take that RexG2, SpinoG2, and that Thyla-potator incu.Not sure what the scents are about. And are those pterosaurs or just the symbol for JP3?


Nice screw up Ludia!

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Yeah I can’t work out the scents, maybe nimble theropods? Yeah the incs are pterosaurs hopefully they’re loaded with quetz dna

Doesn’t look like the erliko icon for them. Could be medium theropod. image
I don’t care about quetz dna, I need arambourgiania, but that’s about it.

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Nice to see Ludia finally QAing their promotion material… oh wait, they haven’t! What an epic fail!

P.S. please learn to create new exciting themes with other dinos instead of the same old themes you’ve been using the last year. It’s quite clear that recycling the same old themes week after week is making you guys sloppy because you can’t even edit a template correctly.


@GooseyGanderLFC @Detonatress it’s Medium Theropod

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Thank you.

Yeaaah! Was hoping for this since rare Spino dna is welcomed!

Will take whatever spino I manage to get. Other than that, a bit boring of a week for me. I’ll take slow weeks tho. Gives me a chance to focus on other games every once in a while.

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Have you already got Spinoconstrictor up to level 23/24? Is it worth a place in your battle team? I’m 170/250 on it at the moment so I should be able to unlock it next week but I’m not sure whether it’s usable

Im just going for like 6 rexes and 3 spinos, why does every incubator have to be pterosaur.

is it dilophosaurus or a trike

looks like monolophosaurus, meh.

Nothing I need again but not too bad.

Edit: Thursday seems confused as to which dinosaur it wants to be.

Spino is nice… but man, where is the creativity? Just throw a week called “Random” out there. I’ll take a week of random dinos just to mix it up

Have her at lv 22 so far. Team level for me is 20-23. Got her boosted pretty good in health. 15 atm. Does wonders against both indos and punishes draco swaps severely. She isnt as good against immune creatures, but does decent damage to them.

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