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Next weeks creatures?


Does anybody know the creatures for next week? Hoping it’s sinoceratops!!


Nothing for the moment on metahub or facebook…
Wait and see!
I hope brachiosaurus ,diplodocus to try it ,darwinopterus (to start getting new core ingredient),erlikosaurus (long time since we didnt saw it),
And of course: Pachycephalosaurus and Maiasaura!!


Why Brachio?


Because she’s beautiful and very very sweet.


To be honest it won’t be any of them…

It’s more likely going to be something revolving round the new dinos

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I like the concept of a tank with massive hp and high chance of crit :blush:
I don’t play the game just to focus on legendaries and hybrids,i like to have creatures we don’t usually met in the game.

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There is a reason no one uses it im afraid.


Fair enough! IMO using a stegosaurus is boring but each to their own!

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I like the combo stegosaurus to slow down (of course he is weak enough to loose sometime the first match) and then putting my T-rex lvl 20 or my purrolyth(you obliterate the first and the second in a row)
Just an old trick every legendaries user at this lvl forget everytime :grin:


That will work up to a certain point. I faced someone with a L28 irritator G2 the other day. Fair to say he and it didnt last long.


Of course and thats the problem of the game,some creatures have just no use late game while they should at least beat few uniques!
We should’nt have a huge different between scavengers or hatchling units and the apex or tyrant.
But in reality,if you make a team of 3 hatchling ,you can’t even beat one unique.
whoever it is!