Next weeks dinos? Does any1 know


Does any1 know what dinos will be on with the events?


Usually tweeted later today. Around 8pm UK time i think.


Anything yet? I dont have insta


Yes it’s on their Twitter account.

What do you mean you don’t have insta?


My post got hidden because I was trying to help someone? Sort it out Mods!


Take a look at this thread:

It’s a repeat from a few weeks ago.


I need Galli but not ready for another 48 grind so soon; will probably sit this one out.


Same here.

Obviously Galli is the most attractive common dino, but I don’t get enough Monolopho DNA for another level up.
So might not spent so much time like first Galli event, which I completed all 48 attempts.:sweat_smile:

Some not around me local common. such as Parasaurolophus, should be more favorable for me at this moment.


I’m at L15 and my Monomimus is at 120/200 but no Monolophosaurus DNA; I will collect it if I see it but I’m not making regular trips out - need to get some work done :slight_smile:


I’m with you. I’ve got 160DNA on it. 48mono and 1600Gali. I just need one more crack at mono to dart 102 DNA and then pray I don’t get three 10s in a row. Although I’ve been so unlucky recently when going for stuff I actually want. I can get a 50 fuse when ever if is just a Nodopatosaurus or something less exciting


I would recommend collect Galli and store it this week! My problem was similar and I skipped collecting Galli (during the 60 attempts week) since I didn’t have Mono (also had Monostegotops on my team then).

Later, there was a monolophosaurus week and now I have decent mono but have been waiting for Galli since couple of weeks :expressionless:


I used the current event to get Sinoceratops, Stegoceratops, Amargocephalus and the epic Ankylosaurus. Got them all this afternoon in a big park area.
That`s four Epics on one day! A rare opportunity - but a great one! :slight_smile: