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Next weeks dinos? Please?

Ok, so this week was quite dissapointing to most of us… Maybe not for those who are close to grypolyth, but u get what I’m saying.

Here are some dinos I would love to see being fetured:
ANKYLOSAURUS! I wan’t it because: rajankylosaurus! Looks so cool and kinda usefull (yes, I’m LVL 14 and still don’t have an ankylosaurus in LVL 15…)

SKOOLOSAURUS: Would be nice to have the new dinos, plus: the skoolasuchus.

DRACOREX: Need this so much! Currently fusing to utarinex! Soo close!

DIOTJUNGoo… eeeh whatever it’s called: the stegosaur dood: You can make good hybrids with this guy! That’s kinda it…

Soooo, what dinos would u like to see? And why?


Armoured week for Ankylo. Need to lvl up Ankyntro to start fusing Tryko.


U know what I desperately need besides Anky? Kentro!!! Where is she!! :rage::rage:


Armored is at the top of my list, or maybe debuff.

Please, kentrosaurus! Epic scents have failed me.

And Irritator. My magna needs levels.

I wouldn’t mind Hybrid Heroes again, I could always use some more Utahraptor DNA. Or maybe Armored again.

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This week must be Gator Week. (Or Croc Week…)

My personal wish list is another go at Monolophosaurus (the epic one) and Ankylosaurus Gen 2. AND regular epic Anky too!

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I stacked some Kentro from last event and incubators, but seriously lack Ankylo.

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If they put anything with kentro or ourano im h’ed

Yes, Ourano too please. :grin:

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I see them all the time…in the posh part of the city…when I’m on the metro…151m away. -__-

Need Anky, Kentro and Irritztor as well…need to lvl up ankentro to start on Tryko