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Next weeks dinos?


Has the new list been released yet. I dont use Instagram so cant check.

Thanks :+1:


Check out @JWorldAlive’s Tweet:



9 ank and 6 sino for me


And none for Gretchen wieners


This is a great selection of epics! Kinda wish they broke it up over two weeks tho … I want the full course


The nodopatosaurus is even harder to dart than the t-rex fyi. Y’all are warned :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is impossible I’m sure I got like 45 on my last one :grimacing:


yeah I’ll do it similar I guess.


Not sure if you’re talking about rex or nodo so I have two answers for you :joy:

If rex: you’ll see
If nodo: exactly

She’s super long, she doesn’t even appear entirely on the screen. The head/tail distance makes her a nightmare to dart :grimacing:


Yes nodo I meant, I’ve seen 2/3 in the wild and just done terrible every single time.

Rex isn’t as bad it just escapes like the flash.


I’m probably gonna jinx it but I’ve never had any dino escape on me.


Alright no need to brag :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


mine escape all the time right in the middle of whatever you hunt them in. red fence thing isn’t even on the screen. i think they have secret trap doors in the ground. even with VIP.


What’s the red fence thing?


you wouldn’t know if you haven’t had a dino escape. you don’t want to know.


I mean atleast you understand why it escaped. The escapes without fence tilt me much more tbh.


I feel special now :joy:


Do we have a poker player amongst us ?


Sino all the way! Has two hybrids and isn’t a hybrid himself. The rest you can fuse (apart from anklyo)