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Next weeks epic strike events


Only bad part is this kind of confirms the rumours we are having a bird week


looks like we are.

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Ah well , it’ll be nice having a week off .
This is a terrible selection to see the new year in with .


Does it surprise you? At this point Im pretty sure Ludia’s marketing team literally has meetings where they brainstorm what the players would like to see the most, then they close their meetings by saying “Great! Lets do the exact opposite of that!”


Biggest trash next week…same for me 1 week off just making strikes then off


I will also canceling my vip this game isn’t worth it


Nice, last few free days off.


3 epics 6 attempts… another sneaky nerf by ludia? Or a mistake?


Many of their graphics have some error - usually an incorrect number of battles for the strike towers. So, I’m hopeful that it stays 9. Not necessarily for bird week, but for later weeks.

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Have you heard of some future hybrids for pteranodon or darwinopterus? Or should i just take the whole week off? :sweat_smile:


And I think they also have a tournament going in which the person who can create the best bug wins. So far, dinos stuck in se and wrong dmg calculation are the winners!


Oh I forgot about requests from other alliance members :joy::joy: that guy probably got a raise


Hooray a chance to push my Pteranodon up a level or two :slight_smile:
Will still #CatchAllDinos to prepare for when they finally balance out the flying creatures and make them competitive. I would really like to see these be made useful in the game.


All you people trashing the flyers… I hope they introduce a unique flyer and buff flyers in the next update so all of you have to go for flyers.


Yeah, that’s so Ludia’s style.

  1. Make featured dinos to create or evolve Utarinex
  2. Make featured flying creatures, but nobody knows which one is going to be useful
  3. Nerf Utarinex, create hybrid from a flyer
  4. Profit
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So you think Irex is “boss”?

Also where is the 3rd one?


Prolly iRex for boss and the 7 strike is the bottom set, but I don’t see where the birds come in, unless they switch it for iRex…

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Saw this earlier, but not sure if the boss is indom or he double 30 birds


Either way ludia determine whats in the incubators except the boss ones. Im positive the incubators are weighted to give stuff we dnt need


That’s the OP’s post…

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