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Next weeks event found (An epic Occasion?)

Go check out Poke fodder, he released a video for next weeks event!! I am not going to put a like because I am sure most of you know his channel from cash links (I am I got a post taken down for that I think)

He got the info in the video from ludia but if I can I may put the link later.

Thanks so much @GIGAKING! I thought his channel was dead.

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He’s actually posted 2!!! videos this week @MINMI

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so boa, megisto, bary, rex, scuto, maia, antarc, raja, and the deer?
Fascinating, would love all that boa dna, and even some bary for the dart 5 baryonyx achievement

I am probably going to go for Mia because I want my phosora to be lvl 27.

Im going boa. I’ll probably get it to level 26 by the end of the season now.


I’m going for megistotherium and rajasaurus

GP reported on it as well :wink:


Thank you so much for continuing with your informative and highly useful articles

Why flagged

The video violated there community policy. It’s cool. I know why

im going for megisto antarctopelta rex and maybe boa and bary. i need to still make indominus