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Next week's event schedule

ive looked at the event schedule it gives the dates 22/2-28/2 when you press on the belittle arrow it points down but doesn’t give any infonof upcoming weeks events etc any help would be much appreciated Thanks Andy

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Follow them on Twitter… they posted next weeks schedule 7 hours ago.


thank you need ankylo to fin dio lovely!

Awwww yeah! I’ve been trying my hardest to hoard Moschops DNA for weeks. I’m anticipating Entelochops’ hybrid, and I’m not going to be behind… Or at least I hope I won’t be behind…

ANYWAY! I’m also getting Doedicirus and Antarctopelta DNA as well. Sure I already have Antarctovenator, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have another hybrid.

Well, kinda meh 4 me, but prob good for others
Idk what i’ll do for commons
Rares… maybe moschops?
Epics, bit of both the ankylosaurs
And I guess we’re getting double antarc since its the challenge inc one, was kinda hoping there would be elasmo since it was armor bois but oh well