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Next week's events

… are on Facebook but I am a luddite and can’t paste the image … hell of a week for rares

It IS a great week! :+1::+1::+1: Here you go :slight_smile:


Thanks deep … Tuo or Koola … aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh

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All I know is…K-E-N-T-R-O-O-O!!!


Actually alright on Kentro thanks to epic August but I will be all in on Kentro … easy to dart too unlike Purutaurus :imp:

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Since they took Kentro out of my L1 neighborhood and put it in L4 (which I don’t frequent as often), I definitely could use more. My Tryko has been stuck at level 25 for months.

Got mine to L26 recently … such a beast

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Ooh, I can’t wait! I know it was a beast at that level in friendly battles!

I have enough Tuojian to take it to 20 from 15 right now and do 2 fuses on Touramoloch. If I go for 30 Toujian, I think with a few lucky big fuses, I can make Touramoloch next week. :grin:

I also have enough T-Rex to get it to 20 from 15 and a ton left over for Tryko. The Kentros will be a bonus to up my stash of DNA to use as I work on Tryko. I’ll run short on epic Anky for Legendary Anky but should get a really good start on Tryko anyway.


A Barri Strike Event. Meh.
Is that Raptor themed Scent or a Hadrosaur?

Wuerho is what I’m aiming for. Because seeing 10s every time when fusing for Spiky Cow is painful. I got more luck on Erlidominus.


Tuojiangosaurus, Wuerhosaurus and Kentrosaurus are my go too targets for this week.


Koolasuchus G2 for me. :grinning:

I’m hoping that the fierce theme for the strike towers mean Irritator DNA? :pray:

I’m getting closer to Magnapyritor (only 50 away). Hopefully I can get some more Pyroraptor DNA. I just ran out. :disappointed_relieved:


Going for Tuojiang and Kentro, together with Anky as the season rewards, I can level up my Dio and Tryko.

Would be nice to have a leak of the epic strike dinos. Baryo for friday but the other 2 and the Wednesday one?


Looks like a raptor to me.

Nice week, with the rares I can just dart them all. They are all useful, but don’t need any of them super badly. Maybe stack up on tuo just in case I run into lots of anky soon.

Tuo and Kentro for me. Maybe some Diplo Gg² too. 30 chance to Dart Rares. If I can find 20 to 25 Tuos I can create Dioraja this week.

Current season reward is Anky; I don’t know what trophy count you are on but I am currently going to get 2250 Anky DNA - hence the need for Tuo :slight_smile:


Oh yeah that’s right! But that’s a month away…

That’s why I need Tuo too. Since it was moved from Area 3 I have trouble finding some.

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