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Next week's Hybrid Pursuit: Procerathomimus



Yesss gonna level mines up to 20 hopefully


I kinda expect a nerf coming with 1.7. I like that thing it‘s a better Monomimus now, extremely annoying, incredibly fast with huge dmg but I fear it‘ll end the same way Monomimus did.
That‘s why I stopped at lvl 18. I want to see the patch notes first.


weel true, and she is “only” an epic :slight_smile: still waiting if she will get a legendary/unique with 1.7


Really like the green chicken. Mine is level 19 and ready to go to level 20 bit also scared the monimunus effect will happen.

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Anyone else think it’s a bit ironic that they created a new monomimus to replace the old (and get ppl to spend the coin leveling it up) but now everyone is so paranoid about the prospect of a nerf that they won’t bother leveling it up in the first place?


Exactly. Same here. I really like it, but won’t go any higher (even though it’s ready) until I know what’s going to happen with it.


Yeah i love this dino but to afraid itll earn a spot next to monomimus to level it up to be at team level… if it gets a legendary that ends up being better dna spent past 15 turns into waste dna… gonna see what the future holds for this guy before i invest in leveling

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Mine is at level 25, almost at 26. I love it but I’m sure it will get nerfed like everything else does.


Mine is lvl 20 and ready to be 21 but I stopped in case if it get a unique or nerf. So better wait for some time.