Next Weeks Strike towers


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Do you find that most of the useful dinos in the strike events never get rewarded? Like todays for hybrid i got 600 nodo when you can get kapro, tennot etc. Same with race to victory. Apparently you can get erliko but i never have. What do u guys think?

P.s whats in xmas scents?

Funny you say that I got exactly the same and only needed alittle more kapro too. I always get blue or koola tbh haha. xmas scent will probably contain the Xmas ‘cute’ dinos? I pressume.

No they contain a few hybrids and a few clawed creatures… If they are the same as the scent of claws scent.

Oh boy that’s a lot of strike events next week. Some days got like 4. But glad to see another week of 3 epic towers

The Christmas scents are bad worse than the large common incubator!