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Next weeks towers


Break out those pinning dinos


Is erliko involved here?


No why would it be ? Not a lockdown Dino !


No, the epic creatures are: Maiasaura, Stygi, Pachycepha


Haha, I wish …

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Lol yeah we all on RT wish it was


Metahub ver.1.6 data mining had discovered this strike event theme several days ago.

A hit-and-run theme, but without Erliko & Ourano…:thinking:


Happy enough with those.


Yeah totally forgot about this one …
clearly it wasn’t memorable :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:

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Next week combine past 2 weeks brings it back at equilibrium.:joy: Nice balance

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I’ll be glad when the snow melts. Driving around town today getting the 5 legendary’s in the snow and had the police pull up next to me asking if something was wrong and me and my wife had our phones and Ipads on our laps with JWA open. Smiled and said everything was OK. That was like a close call. That would have been a Brachiosaurus sized ticket had he seen this.


Do we know what the rares are?


New Strike Theme

There’s a New Strike Theme, which does not have a featured week to go with it- Flee .

Commons: Hatzegopteryx, Dracorex Gen 2, Stygimoloch Gen 2, Parasaur.

Rares: Delta, Edmontosaurus, Scaphognathus

Epics: Maiasaura, Stygimoloch, Pachycephalosaurus


Same. Minus police, thankfully.

It’s been dumping snow since November here. I like looking at snow. But this year, just tired of it. Feeling thankful we have a Jeep to get us where we need to go.