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Nice to see some things are still the same

Update 2.0 is great. Lots of things got a complete overhaul and the meta is pretty much unrecognizable from 1.14. (Bye bye immune meta, you will not be remembered fondly) But it’s nice to see that my personal favorite part of jwa is still the same: matchmaking and overboosted dinos :slight_smile:


I like to have my horrible matchmaking and over boosted dinos in the morning to make sure it ruins my whole day instead of just part of it. No sense in being happy or enjoying things, that’s my motto. :grin:


The max speed Thors are already on the loose. Yep…

What did everyone expect?

Coins are a major requirement now and decimated pvp teams need them in huge quantities.

So what choice does a competitive arena player have other than to boost the team they had back up again if they are not sitting on millions of coins?


I replaced half my old team and I’m feeling the sting. I don’t want to put boosts on “maybe” creatures but new additions are a notable liability

nice job in tournaments too… :roll_eyes: