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Nice ‘Wall Hack’, Not a ‘Bug’


Been seeing this in the higher arena matches, nearly nonexistent in the lower spectrum. Will almost always knock me back down out of the Badlands arena.

Essentially you’ll pick your move set and the match moves along until the next turn, on the opponent phase.

That’s when what I believe is an active and unadddressed exploit occurs- you’ll lose control of your dinosaur and the moment you swap out, or leave it standby, it will automatically reward a victory to either you and the opponent or just your opponent, who is still able to control their selections in the next round.

This reminds me of when people used to hug the walls in CS to get that corner shot on unsuspecting players. If Ludia continues to leave these ‘glitches’ unaddressed their going to have little player base outside fanboys and the occasional newcomer.


This is a glitch on your end. It’s up to how good a WiFi connection is. If your WiFi is having a small problem, this has a chance to occur. I’m also in Badlands and I rarely see it occur. The only times it happens to me are when the connection is a little worse than usual.


It almost always happens when I use fb messenger and never happens on my tablet without messenger