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Nicholas Adley

He’s the 2nd VIP character to be released after Dr Vile. So far the VIP content is semi worth it


What does he look like?

@Ned can y’all issue a statement about how these new matches are going to work? Nicholas doesn’t appear to have a timer on him and people are worried they won’t be able to match him at all if he’s VIP only and they don’t subscribe and that he will never be released to non-VIP. Or is the standard going to be that they will match 4 days after VIP, like Dr Vile did? Please let us know. Thanks!

Thank you so much

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Hey Shauna_Ann, from my understanding, VIP members will get a chance to match with “Hot Picks” profiles first, and eventually those profiles will be available to non-VIP members.

However, I’ll see if I can get more info regarding Nicholas. :slight_smile:


Much appreciated, thank you for your help, @Ned!

Thanks Ned and @Shauna_Ann ^^

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I’m VIP and can’t even get Nicholas

Hey mommyofone, could you email our support team at Our team would be happy to take a look at your game account.


Yeah I did and the response back was ridiculous, and basically insulting. I’m paying $10 basically for 30 gems a day and that’s it, I still haven’t gotten early access to Nicholas which is what I’m supposed to be paying money for. It’s looking like I won’t be renewing the VIP unless something changes, right now it’s a joke and not worth $10.

I matched with him without being VIP. So far slightly disapointed… Profile says he is from 1835… in one of his first posts he claims to be from 1740… I smell lazy story writing

He was only VIP for 4 days

I matched with him, and I’m not ViP. I also just unmatched with him because he bored me.


I’ve yet to unmatch anyone at least there’s the diamonds for them

TBH the grinding for diamonds gets a bit tedious and some characters just make it feel like a really dull job more than a fun game.

I’ve gotten around to everyone even the ones that bore me because there’s nothing else